This Festive Season, Show that you care

Adsyndicate, an independent advertising agency used Zapier and Xoxoday integration to automate and reward the participants attending their virtual events.

About the client

Adsyndicate is a 25-year-old young, large, and independent advertising agency that helps brands across different domains to create monumental and memorable campaigns. They have worked with several industries including print, digital, OOH (Out of Home Advertising), events, films, and more, to help them navigate to a fast-moving digital & innovation landscape.

The Challenge

Sandisk (Western Digital), a leading brand for flash memory products, and a client of Adsyndicate launched a wireless digital charger—the first of its segment—and there was a need for a press launch event to publicize the announcement.

Considering the pandemic, it was hard for the company to organize a ‘physical press’ launch. This necessitated Adsyndicate to look for an out-of-the-box engagement solution that enabled them to engage the virtual audience with delightful rewards. 

They were looking for a virtual platform, which could help them show exclusive demos in a demo area, enabling the audience to view the products in 3D, see the product information, and distribute unique incentives to the folks attending the event. 

The Solution

Adsyndicate roped in Xoxoday, one of the largest digital reward solutions that devised an ingenious strategy to engage the participants. 

Considering the pandemic and ensuring that the attendees weren’t bored, the team at Adsyndicate decided to add a fun element by setting up a virtual cafetaria for their participants.

To make things more interesting, Xoxoday helped them set up specific triggers and actions on their platform via Zapier to automate the entire complex rewarding workflow in a way that whenever a participant reached and clicked on the ‘Hotspot’ at the virtual cafe, he/she was sent an exclusive brand voucher (to their registered email address) with a reward value of INR 500 - 1000.

Upon redemption, the audience could choose from a wide array of choices, delighting them with 21000+ reward options across 75+ countries. 

Thanks to the unique way of rewarding different “actions” within the virtual event. The organizer was able to give out more than 100 unique rewards and ensured the success of the virtual press meet.

What Sandisk is saying...

“Thanks to Xoxoday’s unique rewards, we were able to build meaningful relationships with the reporters who were attending the virtual event. The technical integration with Zapier and Xoxoday enabled us to make the entire session very interactive and contributed to the success of the event.”

- Sandisk

What’s next?

Adsyndicate believes that virtual events can help create a memorable, unforgettable experience to not just have remote interactions but also to help participants feel like they are face-to-face. Besides this, the unique digital rewards system and a near 100% redemption rate helped them drive engagement and bring in more value to the business. 

They are looking forward to engaging with Xoxoday in several upcoming events. They also believe that digital offerings can be tied to metrics such as event registrations, engagement rates, lead generation, etc., and can help organizers make the event a big success.

Sandesh from Adsyndicate had this to say: 

“Xoxoday can provide an amazing brand experience, especially when it comes to digital events, and we were impressed with their vast holistic catalog. I also found it very easy to set up integrations with the tools that I already use.”