This Festive Season, Show that you care

Freshworks Inc, a NASDAQ-listed SaaS company used Xoxoday to automate and distribute $5000+ worth digital gifts within a few clicks.

About the Client

Freshworks Inc. is a well-known SaaS platform that recently made it to the headlines for its debut on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. With this, it became the first ever Indian SaaS business to list on the U.S. bourse. 

Founded in 2010, Freshworks is into creating cutting-edge software solutions that makes it easy and quick for businesses to delight their employees as well as customers. Staying true to its brand name, they take a ‘fresh’ approach in designing and providing software-as-a-service that’s not only affordable and quick to implement but also easy for the end users.

The Challenge

Different teams at Freshworks are spread across the globe and have their own set of operations to take care of. Speaking of the Field Marketing domain in specific, the Freshworks team in India that were overseeing the Middle East & APAC zones faced a few challenges:

  • Gifting the event participants in different geographies: Typically, any physical event that was organised via Freshworks involved delivering goodies to their participants at the end of the session. They planned things ahead by reaching out to multiple vendors and communicating with them to ship the gifts to the intended participants. However, with the pandemic, things changed and sending physical gifts was not only difficult but also made it infeasible for certain geo locations they targeted.
  • Complexities in incentivizing ABM & referral campaigns: A lot of field marketing activities at Freshwork involved running ABM (Account Based Marketing) and Referral campaigns for better reach. To bring in more engagement, they wanted to reward their prospects and referrers digitally. With physical gifts being infeasible (considering geographies and pandemic), they were finding things hard and were looking for a unified solution that could automate their entire reward marketing seamlessly.
  • Local vendor lookout: Looking out for multiple local vendors and getting them onboard wasn't just time consuming but also expensive on the implementation end, and Freshworks wanted to refrain from it. 
  • Difficulty with auto currency conversions: Multiple teams across different geographies at Freshworks found it extremely difficult to send rewards to their virtual event speakers, organisers, referrers, and meeting participants. Besides localised brand vouchers being the major hurdle, currency conversion was yet another issue they experienced. 
  • No room for personalisation: Crafting customised emails, beautifying it with brand logo, imagery, and colours, and then, sending them as links to a bulk list of users was something that the team at Freshworks found extremely time-consuming.

The Field Marketing team at Freshworks soon identified the need for a unified rewards platform that could help them deliver gifts digitally. They wanted a solution that could help them automate the process of gifting online.

The Solution

Xoxoday’s robust rewards platform met the multiple needs of Freshworks perfectly. They utilised our Zapier integration to set up custom workflows to reward their customers seamlessly and in less time. 

They used both ‘Xoxo Codes’ and ‘Xoxo Links’ to overcome the above-mentioned challenges to:

  • Create customised referral campaigns where they could automate and send localised rewards, despite the location the referrers were from. They not only sent out brand vouchers for referrals but also vouchers of higher denominations upon successful conversions. This again, brought in engagement for their marketing efforts and added more value to their business.
  • Incentivize their ABM Campaigns and drive engagement by creating personalized virtual meetings over a cup of coffee, for their targeted prospects. This, in turn, increased brand awareness and the number of meeting bookings from their potential customers. 
  • Increase event participation by sending digital gifts to their speakers and participants across different geographies. They leveraged our technology to delight their end users without having to speak to multiple vendors. Our rewards catalog that featured a pool of 3000+ brands helped the team in curating a bundle of options they wanted and letting the users choose what they liked.

With Xoxoday’s extensive reward catalog of 21000+ options (spread across 75+ countries), the field marketing team at Freshworks found it easy to configure and send a bunch of gift options to the locations they wanted to target. 

They leveraged Xoxoday’s gift engine to run custom marketing campaigns and send a total of $5000+ brand vouchers in just a few clicks. 

They found the Xoxoday’s Zapier integration useful in capturing the leads effectively. What came in more handy was the efforts of the sales and tech team at Xoxoday in helping them create custom landing pages with creative CTAs. 

It helped the end users redirect to a store place where they could redeem their localised brand vouchers instantly without the hassle of currency conversions. The tech blocks of Xoxoday automatically took care of that. 

The triggers and actions were configured in a way that when the end users clicked on the redemption button, it captured their location automatically, showing them only localised gift choices that they could redeem in their geography.

What’s Next?

Freshworks has distributed 500+ reward vouchers so far to their recipients across multiple locations. With Xoxoday’s flexibility and robustness, Freshworks is also looking forward to utilising us for two other use cases in the future.

One: to set up virtual lunch by sending attractive experience-based options to their attendees and have them choose to dine from their favourite restaurants. Two: to incentivize their employees (Sales representatives & Account executives) and other internal team members whenever they drive registrations for any upcoming events.

With the kind of experience Xoxoday offered, here’s what Sandeep John from Freshworks had to say: