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Healthcare Provider improves doctor engagement

This UAE-based healthcare provider increased its doctor engagement with an extensive catalog of rewards, constant tracking for HR with rewards dashboard, and instant rewards.


Aster DM Healthcare is a privately held Indian conglomerate health care provider founded in 1987. The healthcare provider is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They currently operate hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical centers and pharmacies in the Middle East, India and Philippines. Their  network encompasses more than 19,000 employees and 2000+ doctors with JCI-accredited clinics and diagnostic centers. They are constantly seeking opportunities to set new yardsticks with advanced developments.


Aster DM Healthcare faced the problem of adequately motivating their doctors, whose services were key to their value offering. They were rewarding them with either products or brand vouchers and these came with their own challenges:

  1. The recipients of these brand vouchers had only one brand from which they could redeem. 
  2. The HR managers were unable to track the receipt, redemption and efficiencies of these rewards.
  3. The delivery and reach of product rewards and brand vouchers were slow. There existed a sufficient time lag between the rewarding and receipts.

The doctor was extremely happy about the dinner arrangements made. He was very pleased with this privilege. He also mentioned that extra care was taken from the time they dined-in until they left. It was a very pleasant and wonderful experience for him and his family. tells a Project Associate, from their Human Resources while describing one of the experiences of their doctors.


Extensive options to redeem from

Xoxoday's Plum storefront platform came with a plethora of options, and the doctors had complete flexibility to choose from these. Xoxoday's redemption platform offered more than 15000 options to redeem from, that included over 5000 experiences, 1000 gift vouchers and 10000 perks from across 70+ countries. 

The rewards dashboard

Plum's admin dashboard provided end-to-end visibility for the HR managers. They were able to see how many points were rewarded, to whom these were rewarded and how the advisors redeemed it. The redemption patterns also indicated the measure of the rewards program's efficiency.

Instant rewards

Managers were able to instantaneously reward all of their doctors - with a click of a button. The elaborate process of procurement, rewarding and distribution had now reduced to sending an email to the reward recipients with the e-reward coupon. Plum vouchers have zero operational overheads - both in terms of logistic charges and taxes.

Xoxoday's Plum went hand in hand with the consistent efforts that our client invested in developing and motivating their doctors. We successfully achieved efficiency and effectiveness in their rewards and redemption process.